Athoós is my Stygian Iron sword. Made with the laughter of a baby and the pure Innocence of a child and Stygian Iron!Even though it is used for defense mostly, it is great in battle, never underestimate the power of a sword.

It is a Stygian Iron sword where the blade is black of course. In the middle, there is a polished blue gemstone in the middle which is the gem called Shappire which is also very rare, but Pluto children can summon it likr how Hazel summons them.

Also Athoòs is Greek for Innocent just do you guys know what it means.


Pok is a sword made of Sun Rock, forged by Max. It is coated with Stygian Iron and deadly to monsters. Pok is Greek for Rock. He gave it to me on one of my first quests I believe and I truly thank him for it. Pok was given to me by Max during one of my early days at camp. I do not remember the particular quest I went on but it was very helpful. Having two swords one made of Stygian Iron and the other of Sun Rock, sometimes they're too much to handle xD