God Head Counselor Lieutenant
Zeus [[{{{ZeusHC}}}]] [[{{{ZeusLT}}}]]
Hera [[{{{HeraHC}}}]] [[{{{HeraLT}}}]]
Poseidon Carlos & Shaggy [[{{{PoseidonLT}}}]]
Demeter [[{{{DemeterHC}}}]] [[{{{DemeterLT}}}]]
Ares [[{{{AresHC}}}]] [[{{{AresLT}}}]]
Athena [[{{{AthenaHC}}}]] [[{{{AthenaLT}}}]]
Apollo [[{{{ApolloHC}}}]] [[{{{ApolloLT}}}]]
Artemis [[{{{ArtemisHC}}}]] [[{{{ArtemisLT}}}]]
Hephaestus [[{{{HephaestusHC}}}]] [[{{{HephaestusLT}}}]]
Aphrodite [[{{{AphroditeHC}}}]] [[{{{AphroditeLT}}}]]
Hermes [[{{{HermesHC}}}]] [[{{{HermesLT}}}]]
Dionysus [[{{{DionysusHC}}}]] [[{{{DionysusLT}}}]]
Hades [[{{{HadesHC}}}]] [[{{{HadesLT}}}]]
Honorable Mention Head Counselor Lieutenant
Tartarus Dragon

Head Counselors Lieutenants Camp Leaders
This is the highest rank possible, besides Camp Leader. Camp Half Blood has inner cabin politics for the most part. They rule and represent their cabin. Second in command, allowed in the Rec Room for war counsel along with Head Counselors. First in command, above all. These are generally the admins and have control over everyone, even the Head Counselors. These people are Head Counselors.